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Ali Smith_Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 2019

Well, hello there.


Ali Smith_Coronado Beach, California_January 2018

That has nothing to do with your marketing strategy, but still a fun fact, no? Hey, I’m Ali Smith and I’m your guide to the great wide world of marketing. I’m also a raving word nerd, (almost) published author, and outdoor enthusiast. Ok, glad we got that out of the way. Now let’s talk about you.

In the decade or so that I've been a digital marketer and copywriter I've lost count of how many family members, friends, coworkers, and strangers in coffee shops have hit me up for marketing advice. 

Someone once asked me how to use social media to market their business in a text message. A text message. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad question, but I would argue that it is one that warrants a little more explanation than I can offer using emojis and swipe. But it did tell me something. The world had finally caught on to my dirty little secret...


Marketing is not just arts and crafts. It is the science of getting your particular brand of genius in front of the people who could benefit most from it. 

The problem is, you have to wear so many hats on top of that big entrepreneurial brain of yours that you don't have time to worry about marketing. Sure, you schedule a Facebook post here and send an email there. But then, crickets. You're a little embarrassed, more than a little annoyed you wasted your time, and you quickly move on to something else.

Ali Smith_Algonquin Provicial Park, Ontario, Canada_September 2017


To help all of those friends, family members, and eavesdropping strangers discover the true power of digital marketing, and to show you how you can transform your existing team into a sustainable, and scalable marketing engine that you can run on your own - no expensive agency retainers required.

My goal is the same as yours: to build awareness of your brand, generate more leads, and get your marketing strategy off the ground. Escape internet obscurity and get ready to test the limits of what you can accomplish for your own business, so you can do more of what you love (and less of what you don't).


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Seek new adventures, take risks, and never be afraid to fail. If you aren't failing, you aren't trying. And if you aren't trying...well, I already know you don't have that problem because you're here! (Really, thanks for being here.) Step into the wild and wonderful world of marketing. It's weird here. I think you'll like it.

Let's Do This, Together

WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S
WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S
WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S


Become the sexy, ink-slinging persuasive copywriter I know you can be. Well-crafted content and copy is the foundation of every successful digital marketing campaign. In this online course, I'll teach you how to apply my simple (and crazy effective) Audience Generator Writing Formula at every stage of your marketing journey. You'll have so many leads you won't know what to do with them all.

How To Write Like a Marketer

WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S
WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S
WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S


This class is coming soon!

Get everything you need to know to market your business like a pro in this flagship online course. We'll cover everything from identifying your target audience to choosing the right campaign to attract them. You'll learn how to build an online campaign from start to finish, and even how to test and optimize it for ongoing (and insanely powerful) results.

Interested in being a beta student? Hit me up.

How To Market Like a Marketer

WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S
WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S
WordSmith Digital Marketing Consulting S


Just need a hand getting back on track?

Let's retrace your steps together. I'll take a deep dive into how well your existing content is working to drive traffic and achieve your digital marketing goals. We'll review everything you are doing from a content perspective together. When we're done you'll have an actionable report with all the steps you need to take to improve your content, and your strategy. It's like a GPS for marketing. Hard left turn ahead.

Personal Consulting

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